Thursday, October 13, 2016

Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch Recipe

My children and I had a lot of fun creating our own recipe using Frutzee snacks. Frutzee snacks are real fruits freeze-dried immediately after picking to maintain the natural goodness and nutritional benefits. Frutzee snacks come in 4 flavors - Grapes, Strawberry, Banana and Apple. Grapes and banana flavor are the sweetest, followed by apple flavor. Strawberry flavor taste a little sour. The packaging is very cute too. To know more about Frutzee snacks, you can read my earlier blog post HERE.

The cute and colorful packaging

The back of it tells a story when combined together.

Frutzee can be eaten directly from the packet after opening or you can use it to create your own recipe. Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch is my simple recipe using the food my children love.

My simple and delicious Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch ingredients are :

1)  Milk - 1/4 cup
2)  Wholemeal bread - 1 piece
3)  Cheerios Oat Crisp cereal - 3 table spoons
4)  Ice cream -3 scoops
5)  Frutzee snacks - All four flavors (Strawberry, Apple, Banana, Grapes)
(Note: The quantity can be adjusted according to your preference)

This healthy recipe is really simple to make. My children enjoy making it with me. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to make.

Steps to make this :

1)   Pour the milk into a bowl

2)   Cut the bread with scissors into small pieces and put into the bowl
3)   Put Cheerios Oat Crisp cereal into the bowl
4)   Put ice cream on top of the cereal
5)   Lastly open the packets of Frutzee and put them on the top most

My daughter cutting the bread into small pieces

My son joining in the fun to help.

A happy wefie photo of us preparing our Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch

My daughter pouring the bread into the milk bowl.

That's how the bread in the milk looks like. 

Next, put the Cheerios Oat Crisp cereal into the bowl

Put ice cream into the bowl. I bought the type with 3 different flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Open the Frutzee snacks last because you want them to be crunchy when you eat.

Put the Frutzee snacks on the top of the ice cream

Delicious Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch is ready to eat

My daughter enjoying her Frutzee Ice-Cream Crunch. 

My children and I really love this and we can have it for breakfast or just as a snack whenever we like it. Have fun trying out my recipe. Hope you like it too. Frutzee snacks are so delicious and healthy!

Frutzee is available online at You can also purchase Frutzee at the following store locations Please like Frutzee Facebook at to know more about this delicious and nutritious snack for your children.


  1. It looks very delicious and easy to make. Will try it when I am free.

  2. Try it, I am sure you will love it.