Thursday, August 6, 2015

Launching of PNKids

Are your children picky eaters or eating too much fast food? These days children eat a lot of unhealthy food. Don't worry, as PNKids have launched their yummy gummies that are infused with additional vitamins / miinerals which do not contain lactose, gluten, soy, nuts, gelatin, preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours and eggs. These gummies have fruity flavours, are available in different fun shapes, and easy to chew. PNKids originated from USA and is a trusted brand.

There were many activities for children to play there and my son enjoyed himself very much.

There are 6 types of gummies:
1     PNKidsBoys and/or Girls
Orange and grape flavoured gummies enriched with Multivitamins + Mineral

PNKids multi-vitamins for Boys and Girls will provide your child with the key nutrients that they need during their growing-up years. Our Multi-vitamin is easy to take and it includes a variety of vital nutrients to prevent vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies.
PNKids Boys – Retail Price RM 55.80 / RM 58.60 (EM)
PNKids Girls – Retail Price RM 55.80 / RM 58.60 (EM)

1    PNKids Guard-C
Vitamin C + Rosehip mixed gummies orange flavourPNKids Guard-C contains Vitamin C. Vitamins C enhances the absorption of iron from non-meat source. Vitamin C also contributes to the absorption of iron from the food.
PNKidsGuard-C – Retail Price RM 44.60 / RM 46.90 (EM)

1      PNKids Omega3 DHA
Mixed fish and coconut oil with lemon, orange and strawberry flavoured gummies

PNKids Omega 3 DHA is enriched with DHA, EPA, and Omega 3. It is an easy to consume source of omega for your child, without the smelly taste associated with traditional fish oil.
PNKids Omega3 DHA – Retail Price RM 72.50 / RM 76.10 (EM)

1      PNKids Clear
Flavoured gummies enriched with Vitamins + Minerals

PNKids Clear is fortified with Vitamin A, D, E, C, and B12, Iodine, Folic Acid, and Pantothenic Acid. Vitamin A also is essential for the functioning of eyes and also helps in maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane. Folic acid is essential for growth.
PNKids Clear – Retail Price RM 69.80 / RM 73.30 (EM)

1    PNKids Grow
Orange and lemon flavoured gummies with Calcium + Vitamin D

PNKids Grow is enriched with calcium and vitamin D. Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth, Vitamin D assist calcium absorption and utilization in the body.
PNKids Grow – Retail Price RM 60.40 / RM 63.40 (EM)

1       PNKids VitaGest
Mango flavoured gummies with Prebiotics + Vitamin  C

PNKIDS Vitagest contains of mixed vegetable and fruits (spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, green apple, pear, kiwi, passion fruit, andlemon) and also enriched with Vitamin C.

PNKidsVitaGest – Retail Price RM 65.00 / RM 68.30 (EM)

Our high-tea after the launch with fellow bloggers.

For more information about the products, please visit or their FB page at Kinsmedic Sdn. Bhd.  Customer Careline: 1300-88-8848 or visit PNKids FB

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